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Download Mutant Block Zombie Attack for free

Mutant Block Zombie Attack is the #1 highly anticipated arcade game that fuses retro-styled pixel art and explosive first person running and shooting action for an unforgettable life and death struggle. This intense adventure challenges you to mine resources from among hidden locations. Discover epic weapons hidden within the blocky worlds ahead and collect perks to aid in your survival. Every level increases in difficulty as you progress, with enemies doubling in numbers and pickups becoming scarce. Weapon lover will enjoy the variety of weapons available to them. This amazing mission boasts different enemies and an array of treacherous terrains to explore and dominate. The adventure is set to begin. Download for free today and discover the unique challenges each level poses.

FOR OVER A DECADE the world has been gripped by the terrors of a devastating disease that has resulted in the dead rising up again and terrorizing the lands. The government spends this time fighting the zombie menace, but it just grows worse. One day, a telepathic NSA agent discovers something horrifying: the zombies are thinking. It seems every time they eat a human, they get smarter. But not only smarter, stronger too. With this haunting discovery, the part of the population that has survived the grip of this illness, is now fighting in terror for their survival as these hulking zombies increase their attacks on human colonies in an attempt to manifest their might further. As their encampments are seized, the living are forced to band together and form larger clans. It is their only hope for survival. Their last effort is to hire a block agent known as a zombie slayer, who they have tasked to rid their nation of the zombie infestation. You are that hero, that slayer of zombies. You must confront these barbaric foes and stop their menace once and for all. It will take everything you have: brains, brawn and quick reflexes. The time to act is now.

THIS IMMERSIVE FPS ADVENTURE boasts completely addicting game play with beautiful but deadly survival arenas, each with their own exciting challenges. Battle to the death against the large zombies and other deadly foes. Rapid paced action awaits and it's your job to stay alive. Battle to the edge of survival. The invasion has begun.

-Entity map
-Health meter
-Increasingly difficult level challenges
-Varies weaponry to wield
-Hand-to-hand combat
-Intuitive touch screen controls
-Vast pixel worlds
-Non-stop FPS action
-Complete impossible missions

Bad Jellyfish Entertainment