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Download Monster Incredible Hero Army Training for free

Get ready to become a real army incredible monster soldier military commando superhero to enhance your skills by joining free army training camp in this free to play 3D action filled game. In this 3D army training camp simulator game you will train for different modern techniques of battle to take revenge in war situation for city children. You are an incredible monster fighter who has to face hurdles, obstacles & difficulties to accomplish the given city rescue targets. In rescue game for kids the initial stage of your training the military camp is surrounded with modern army weapons, buildings & wall fence under the command of military officer. Monster hero has to improve his war rescue & fighting abilities to compete against city criminals, offenders, gangster & super villain enemies. This army training of monster city battle will let you to increase your unbelievable street fighting & red superhero skills by going through specially designed free army training program. The drill red superhero training will build your will power & increase fitness like unbelievable jumping monster or incredible super spider to destroy the super villains & gangsters as last hope of innocent city children.

This army combat fighting training course contains different rescue missions & your aim is to pass out all tough tasks as incredible monster or battle hero. The basic purpose of your training is to prepare yourself for fighting, shooting & war survival. In order to reach your starting point you’ll face a lot of hurdles, obstacles & explosions. As an incredible mutant monster hero or red superhero use all your superpowers to complete this army solider camp mission. You have a big responsibility to protect your country & take revenge from vice terrorist, mafia gangsters & deadly criminal attacks so don’t divert your attention & focus on military army training course. Through your training you will be able to jump high & scatter the hurdles in front of your evil enemies and also throw vehicles aggressively like a jumping monster or super spider. By enhancing your strengths it won’t be a big problem for you to compete your ruthless gangsters & win the war rescue fight. Stealth monster incredible battle hero has to complete this army military training at any cost by passing the official military test. Train with different modern weapons & guns to perfect your hold aim & shoot. Work on your super shooting & rescue war fighting skills to be the best jumping monster sniper shooter, rifleman & marksman.

This is a new monster action fighting game that will give you the best army or superhero training. Be ready for the counter mutant attack on your super villain enemies, offenders & destroy the terrorism in your country roots. In this free to play rescue training game use all your refined superhero training skills to battle in tough conditions. You have to attend the entire military training on regular base if you want perfection in your jumping monster fighting & war rescue shooting skills. Incredible heroes always sacrifice & put themselves in danger to secure the city children & country peace.

• Realistic army training includes jumping, gun shooting, climbing
• Become professional military officer
• Thrilling & exciting training war missions
• Outstanding 3D graphics
• Top-notch sound effects

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