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Download Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D for free

Welcome to this haunted hotel full of evil spirits. If you love to explore different haunted places. Then this game is exactly for you. Let’s enter into this scary hotel and deal with vampires, ghosts, demons, monsters, skeletons, zombies and mummies.
Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D game is about a stickman who is going to stay for a night in a hotel. He doesn’t know that it’s haunted. He gets a key and enters into his room.
Player is sleeping in his room when he hears a scream. He comes out to find the reason but there are scary mummies outside. He runs to get help but in vain. Thirsty vampires and ghosts are around and ready to attack. Is it scary?? Find a safe place for you. Go to kitchen and search for some magical stuff to freeze the zombies and demons.
Player is running in lobby and trying to hide in different rooms but vampires are stalking and want to satisfy their thirst. Now he has no option but to fight with these evil spirits and use this magical stuff to freeze them.
Face these scary ghosts. Don’t allow your fear to overcome you. Be daring and escape, otherwise you’ll be dead. Enter into the lift and jump to ground floor. Casino is full with ghosts and mummies. Don’t be panic, jump to the main door and run for your life.

Haunted Hotel Shadow Escape 3D Features:
Open World Style Interactive Hotel
Different Rooms Occupied by Evil Spirits
Horror Themes but Suitable for Kids of all Age
Easy Controls
High Quality 3D Graphics

GENtertainment Studios